ArtmoneyWorldWide 2022

Paris is the heart of France - a big heart, inhabited by just over 12 million. Over the past 2000 years, Paris has had a major influence on politics, education, entertainment, fashion, science and the arts. We have found a gallery in the old medieval quarter of Marais close to the Pompidou Center. 
The neighborhood was once inhabited by the nobility and has since been taken over by the Jewish population. Today, a bohemian neighborhood with cafes, galleries, curved streets and hanging gardens and a diversity of residents.
We would therefore like to invite you to participate in this 6th international exhibition of artmoney in the City of cities Paris in the middle of the flowering spring.

See you in Paris

Karen Sennefelder & Anne-Mette Lehrskov



Gallerie OXÖNE is located in Marais near by the Pompidou Center. The gallery is modern equipped and have two windows in street level.. The neighbourhood is lively with hip bars, restaurants, hotels, trendy shops and fashionable galleries. It is all set in a small area with charming medieval streets, quirky houses, aristocratic buildings, bohemian ambiance and complex population groups.



Galerie OXÖNE

Opening  April 1 2022

15.00 to 18.00
Afterparty at a local restaurant 
at 19.00

Contact Karen if you want to participate.

April 1-12 14.00 to 20.00
April 7 closed.


Sign up now. Deadline January 1, 2022
or here at


1 artmoney is 12cm x 18cm.
Value: 200 DKK/ EUR 27/ 37 USD

You are free to do so.
If you want to register you can join our list at and be the first to get the invitations to the exhibitions.

Artmoney can be made of any material as long as it is handmade (original). In the case og photography, grapics or other mechanical production, it must be processed by hand afterwards to meet the requirement of originality.

Information applied to each artmoney:
1. Serial number (beginning wit 001, 002, 003 ... and start over each year)
2. Year of production
3. Clearly written artist name (same as written in the artmoney profile)
4. Country ( not an acronym such as "D", but spelled like in "Germany"
5. Original artist signature.
6. The web address

It is OK to add other informarion, as long as the mandatory information is clear.



Foto from the exhibition Thy 2012. All artists get one ladder for exhibition.


Your 20 artmoney may only measure 20 cm in height if stacked. And at most weigh ½ kg. You may choose any material. 

The exhibition is packed in Denmark, sent to Paris and set in the gallery.



A catalogue will be published in connection with the exhibition; one page for each artist.

You will receive your copy of the catalogue at the opening, or if not attending, it will be posted to you. 

All exhibitors will be represented on the exhibition's website and with personal data and a work photo from April 2022 until one year after the end of the exhibition (April 2023).



The exhibition is not insured during the exhibition period, neither during transport.

But of course we take good care of them!


Send your artmoney in solid packaging, which can be used again when we return the unsold artmoney to you. The parcel with be returned by regular post - should you wish for extra postal service, you will need to cover the cost. Remember - your artmoney are not insured while in the post.

Remember to send your artmoney not later than January 15, 2022.

Go to the post office
Send the package "Poste Restante"
Fill out the label like this: 
To Karen Sennefelder/Artmoney
Frøstrup Posthus
DK-7741 Frøstrup

If you use another firm for sending your money:

Fill out the label like this:
To Karen Sennefelder/Artmoney
Langvadvej 85
DK-7741 Frøstrup



The fee for participation is 995 DKr. / EUR 135

Bank info: 9114, account no. 0002041367.

Payment not later than 10 days after booking.

When the exhibition is finished money due to each artist from sales will be transferred electronically. Therefore, we will need an account number when you book.

Your registration is binding. 


  • Place to exhibit 20 artmoney
  • 1 page in the catalogue + 1 catalogue
  • wide advertising
  • setting up the exhibition in Paris
  • watch on the exhibition
  • return of unsold artmoney