SIGN UP for Paris 2022 is closed!

Terms for participation

995 DKr./ 135 EUR

Payment not later than 10 days after booking. Your booking is complete after payment. Binding registration.

reg. nr. 8122
account 1220369710

Iban nr.


Write "Catalogue" on the back of one artmoney -
and do not send them later than January 15, 2022.



All exhibitors will be represented on the exhibition's website www. and with personal data and a work photo from the exhibition, until one year after the end of the exhibition. In addition, the exhibition will be announced on the gallery's website and will be advertised online.

We encourage everyone to contact your own local media and get promoted as artmoney artists in connection with the exhibition.



A catalogue is published in connection with the exhibition; one page for each artist. You receive your copy of the catalogue at the opening, or if not attending, it is posted when your artmoney are returned.

Send us a short catalog text of max. 10 lines of your most important data. We edit and translate to fit the texts in the catalog. Please reuse appropriate texts from previous catalogs.


Artmoney - dimensions, materials and weight

1 artmoney is 12cm x 18cm.
Value: 200 DKK/ EUR 27/ 37 USD
are free.

Please notice... max veight is 500 g. and max 20 cm heigh.

If problems... please contact Karen.

The exhibition is packed in Denmark, transported to Paris, and set up in the gallery.

Sales and economy


The fee for participation is 995 DKr. / EUR 135.

Bank info: 9114, account no. 0002041367.

Payment not later than two weeks after booking.

When the exhibition is finished money due to each artist from sales will be transferred electronically. Therefore, we will need an account number when you book.

Your registration is binding. 


Postage and insurance

Send your artmoney in solid packaging, which can be used again when we return the unsold artmoney to you. The parcel with be returned by regular post - should you wish for extra postal service, you will need to cover the cost. Remember - your artmoney are not insured while in the post, or while shipped to Australia.

Remember to send your artmoney not later than January 15, 2022.

Go to the post office

Fill out the label like this:
To Karen Sennefelder/Artmoney
Langvadvej 85
DK-7741 Frøstrup



  1. Fill in form and send it - deadline January 1, 2022
  2. Pay fee not later than 10 days after booking.
  3. Write "Catalogue" on the back of the artmoney you wish us to photograph for the website and catalogue and send the 20 artmoney no later than january 15, 2022
  4. Remember we return your work in the same packaging you send it in
  5. If attending personally reservation for travel and accommodation.



A global valuta of unique art. Created 1997 by the Danish-Canadian artist Lars Kræmmer. There are now more than 1000 artmoney artists in more than 40 countries.


How to be an artmoney artist?

You can enlist at
If you want to enlist at our list at and be the first to get the invitations to the exhibitions. It is free.



Arranges international exhibitions of artmoney.

1. exhibition 2012 in Thy, Denmark
exhibition 2013 in New York
3. exhibition 2014 in Berlin
4. exhibition 2017 in Torshavn, Faroe Islands
5. exhibition 2018 in Australia was cancelled
6. exhibition 2022 in Paris, France


Sennefelder & Lehrskov